Melissa Sanders provides a wide range of services including:
  • Assessment - evaluation services for a variety of needs such as

    Early Kindergarten Enrollment

    Intelligence (I.Q.) during the course of an assessment

    Academic performance

    ADHD for diagnostic and treatment purposes

    Social & Emotional Functioning

    Behavioral & Adaptive Functioning

    Pre-vocational & Vocational (Career interest and change of career)

    Processing: Visual, Motor, Auditory, Memory, Learning

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  • Consultation - may take the form of reviewing with parents assessments completed by your student's school district or another professional.  Such consultation may be able to result in additional knowledge about the prior evaluation and suggestions for recommendations for school and home intervention.  Consultation can also include support for school based services and program planning (such as an Individual Education Plan, IEP, or a 504 Plan).
  • Counseling - typically individual.  Counseling can be for organization, time management, learning metacognitive strategies, behavior management, study skills, test taking strategies, social skills and parenting support.
  • Eligibility and Diagnosis can be made based on educational criteria and DSM-IV (when appropriate).
Fees* are as follows for services:
Hourly Rate:


A full assessment is typically completed from a school neuropsychological perspective and as such requires a considerable about of time to complete.  The full assessment involves evaluation in each area of concern or interest, interviews, observations (in the natural setting such as school), report, and follow-up with parent, school staff (when needed and appropriate) as well as appropriate recommendations and/or program planning. Advocacy for the student is also included when needed.  Generally, the full assessment is billed at $3000 with 1/2 due at the beginning of assessment and the second 1/2 when the report is given to parents.

If a full assessment is not needed (i.e.: only need ADHD assessment) an estimation of the time needed based on the presenting factors will be provided at the beginning of the assessment and fees will be charged accordingly.

Consultation services includes working with parents, school staff, other professionals (i.e.: therapists) toward the benefit of the student. Consultation may be provided in person or via electronic means (e-mail and/or telephone). Fees will be billed for actual time spent.

*All payments for services are payable as arranged prior to treatment. Typically, counseling sessions are paid at each session. Assessment fees will be determined by the type of assessment. Prior to beginning an assessment, an estimation will be made of the amount of time needed to complete the evaluation as discussed. One half of the estimated cost is to be paid at the start of the assessment with the remainder payable upon completion of the report and being provided a final invoice.

Payment by credit card is available for your convenience (via PayPal).